good vibrations

From a Child Guide in Child Magazine, May 1991

One of the most natural ways to get children moving is to turn on a little music. “As soon as toddlers hear music, they start bopping,” notes Suzanne Haefele, M.D., a Rock Hill, South Carolina, pediatrician who specializes in sports medicine.

“Music is a cue for children,” agrees Suellen Epstein, a New York City Tumbling and gymnastics instructor who claims that preschoolers and older children are more focused during her classes when activities are centered around music.

Here are tips on how to use sound to get tots on their toes.

    • Two to 4 years Tell a story set to music. The children can role-play and act out the theme with background music (pulsating South American reggae sounds are a particular of this age group) that suggests the energy level and type of movement.
    • Four to 7 years Introduce more structured sports such as dance- ballet, tap or jazz- and ice skating that is performed against energizing background movement.
  • Seven to 12 years Gymnastics and low-impact aerobics encourage movement in a fun, rhythmic way. Or, encourage energetic race-walking by providing a headset with your child’s favorite pop/rock classics.


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